Questions & Support
Answer to common questions
  • What should I do if my download failed?
  • If a media asset fails to download, please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot.


    • Clear your web browser cache. Select your browser from to see a guide: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
    • Check whether there is a 3rd party application, such as software or a browser extension (ie. Internet Security, Antivirus, or a Firewall),  blocking the download.
    • If you're using a wireless connection, plug your computer directly into the router/broadband modem and try again.
    • Try downloading the file using a different browser.
    • Check whether your subscription has expired or, if you are subscribed to the Premium plan, whether you have exceeded the download limit for the month.


    If the problem persists,still continues, please contact us with the following information:


    • Name of the media asset.
    • The URL where you download the file.
    • A brief description of the problem, e.g. “download stops at a specific percentage” or “ I get this error message”, etc.


    Note: You may not use automation, such as computer scripts, to download or “scrape” high volumes of media files, nor can you do so manually if your intent is to stockpile media assets.  

  • Why can I no longer find a media asset I previously saw on Filmstocks?
  • There are many reasons why we may have removed an asset. For example:

    1. The file may have been temporarily disabled due to a technical problem. In this case the asset could be activated again after the problem is fixed.
    2. An asset could have been removed for licensing or copyright reasons.
  • How do I find the filmora effects after I install them?
  • Newly added video effects will be sorted into the correct sections of Filmora:(Music, Titles, Transitions, Effects (which includes Filters and Overlays), and Elements. They will be marked with red dots.

    Note: Video effects from Filmstocks are compatible with Filmora version 9.1 or above.