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Answer to common questions
Purchasing & Payment
  • Purchasing a subscription
  • A monthly subscription to Filmstocks Standard plan is $9.99 USD, and a monthly subscription to the Premium plan is $49.99 USD. We also offer a yearly subscription to the Standard plan for $95.88 USD, and a yearly subscription to the Premium plan for $539.88 USD.

    In general, your subscription rate will remain the same unless you accept a special pricing offer.

  • Do you offer the media conversion service (i.e. for video formats)?
  • No, we do not offer a conversion service. If you are unable to use a video file due to codec issues, we converting the media asset using a free program.

    To convert video files, we suggest using a free program like Handbrake.

    To convert audio files, we suggest using a free program like Audacity.

    You can convert media using tools like Wondershare Online Converter  and Online-Convert.

  • Can I purchase a specific media asset individually from the premium library?
  • No. Filmstocks media assets are currently only offered as part of subscription plans.

  • Can I get a refund during the subscription?
  • No. There are previews available for media assets offered through Filmstocks so you can make an informed decision before you subscribe. If there are technical issues with an item you’ve downloaded, please contact us.